Web Development Toolbox – Must have Software

Any developer obviously have a set of favorite software. Here I’m going to let you know what I use frequently.

When I develop on a Windows workstation, I use the following.

1) Filezilla Client for FTP/SSH, yes, it handles them both.
2) PuTTy, for SSH ( also for telnet and Serial Comm. )
3) Far Manager, very fast and robust File manager, its almost identical to the Linux Midnight Commander. Far is my preferred Text Editor
4) PSPad, my second preferred text editor.
4) GIMP and Photoshop

All these work on Linux except PSPad and photoshop.

in regards to servers, I work all the time on Debian Linux.
In my busy job, I have to work on many different Operating Systems, but when I meet Debian, I love it.

As a web server, I prefer Apache, with php and mysql configured with it.

As an FTP Server, I am using vsftpd, which means Very Secured FTP.

A nice tool which makes my life easier is Webmin, a tool which helps you configure your server efficiently and is extremely secured.

Thats it for now, my next post will probably be on how to manage your Linux Server with ease, using some of the software I mentioned in this post.

Thanks for reading