Success by Putting Customers First

A Great Tip for 2014!

Dear all,
Today I will be writing about how much important it is to put your customers, or clients first when doing business. In today’s vast supreme competition, one have to find ways to keep up with requests, do the work, maintain a steady relationship with all Project Stakeholders and obviously not get eaten alive by the big fish (competitors). And this is where something must be done to measure your performance and adjust accordingly.
As a professional freelancer myself, my deadliest weapon against all rivals is my Customer Support (Empathy and Responsiveness), a lot of companies struggle to find suppliers which puts them first.

So how do I (or shall you) manage to do it and obviously measure it?

Simple, I utilize what is called the RATER Model. Basically the RATER model focuses on 5 areas which if thought upon and dealt with effectively, you’ll be giving the best Customer Service ever.

These 5 areas are the following, together with a small explanation.

  • Reliability – your ability to provide the service you have promised consistently, accurately, and without any delays.
  • Assurance – the knowledge, skills, and credibility of staff; and their ability to use this expertise to inspire trust and confidence.
  • Tangibles – This is a tough one for Software Providers or Software Engineers, it’s the physical evidence of the service you provide. This could be offices, equipment, employees, and your corporate identity..
  • Empathy – The one which really lacks in most companies, and is often overlooked, it’s the relationship between employees and customers.
  • Responsiveness – your ability to provide a quick, high quality service to your customers.

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Here at, I do strive at all times to put clients first. And before I close up, always remember that the ultimate start is to “Listen” to your customers and there is always room for continuous improvement!

Happy New Year and best of luck for 2014!