I can develop a wide range of Websites and Web Applications. Here are a few most commonly wanted ones, if what you need is not found here contact me for free assistance or further information.Websites and Dynamic Web Applications
Let visitors and users interact with your Website, such as sign in, register and user account tools. The benefit of interactivity in a Website is really important to make people love your website, which will make them using your website more often.Shopping Tools
If you are planning to start an online shop all you need is a Website which contains a shopping cart that is easy to use, maintain and protected with industry standard security. With the help of newly developed encryption techniques by me and also some from the opensource communit, you will have the best highly secure defensive weapon to keep away intruders, hackers and malevolent

Administration Portals
Administration Portals are essential for any company. It can offer security to protect data as well as centralizing and categorizing everything for easy access yet very secured. Many companies
who have Portals say that it have helped them with efficiency and productivity.

Multilingual Engine
If you want your web site in more then one language it is possible with my specific designed multilingual engine and administration pages.

Content Management System
If you want to update your webpage yourself, it is easily possible with tools I had developed over the years. These can be altered to be tailor made for you, to fit your own
needs and your own likes.

Data Centralization
If you own or work in a large company, or even a small one which holds a lot of data you know how much a problem is to locate and organize everything, especially when there are a lot of people
involved. I can develop the right tool for you or give you suggestions on how your company can benefit more when it have all its data, documents and files organized properly. This tool can be part of your Administration Portal mentioned herein before.

Website Maintenance
If you have an existing Website and wish to have the proper person to look after it just give me a call because I am interested in taking care of your online presence. I might even suggest
new features for your site and modifications to improve the quality of your Website. Most of the time, when these modifications dont effect the look of the web site I do them free of charge.

Search Engine Optimization
I learned the correct way on how to make a Website appear in Major Search Engines in a step ahead of competitors and large web development companies.

Web Custom Programming
Please Contact me if you are confused so I can take care of anything, you tell me, I develop!

Logo Design and Corporate Identity
I can make your company go to the next level by designing your much important logo or you Corporate Identity. A Corporate Identity is based on a company’s logo, colors, title, slogans, fonts and also uniforms. In short, all kinds of visual aspects that makes the company recognized.

Graphic Designing

I can make a huge variety of designs based on the customers needs. Such as fliers, banners, CD leaflets and many others. Also we can provide Web layouts delivered to you in ANY format.

Networking & Infrastructure

With more then six years of experience, I am able to set up a complete network infrastructure for companies of any size. The setup can be anything, servers ( Linux or Windows ), workstations, networking, firewalls, security and much more. If you are interested, or confused, contact me and I will be telling you from where we have to start in no-time at all.