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How do I work as a freelance web developer?

What you are about to read is more or less part of my every day job in Web Development, located in the small Island of Malta. For international readers, Malta may be found here. Introduction Being a part-time freelancer is an interesting job, but not as easy as it seems. After doing this for over […]

Got a Band?

Got a Band? If your answer is “yes” then it is a must that you have the following powerful tools (Profile Accounts) in your hand! Reverbnation Headliner Facebook Page, Twitter & Myspace all linked to reverbnation and headliner accounts

PNG File Format

Very interesting article regarding the PNG file format!

Attention Windows Users

Today’s post is going to be the first one related to Microsoft. I just noticed that most of the modern multimedia applications, especially games, are giving trouble with the audio. The solution to this is to install the following directX package, Click Here This will NOT replace your existing directX, it will tweak it a […]

Login as root in Ubuntu

Today I was doing some maintenance on an Ubuntu Server and I felt I could share something with everyone. As most of you probably know, you can’t login as root via SSH or Terminal. The trick is very simple.. you will have to login with a normal user and then write sudo -s and the […]

Automatic Backup of files, websites and Databases with Cron Jobs and TAR

I’m going to share with you the way I do backups on my servers. First of all, most of the servers I work with run on Debian Lenny, but this should work with all Debian releases and Debian based systems ( such as Ubuntu ). First, lets say you have your website at /var/www/mywebsite create […]

Link: Google vs Microsoft

I just encountered a very nice Google vs Microsoft article on, I would recommend to read it, if you are interested of course 🙂 Read it here

Web Development Toolbox – Must have Software

Any developer obviously have a set of favorite software. Here I’m going to let you know what I use frequently. When I develop on a Windows workstation, I use the following. 1) Filezilla Client for FTP/SSH, yes, it handles them both. 2) PuTTy, for SSH ( also for telnet and Serial Comm. ) 3) Far […]

My New Blog

Welcome to my blog, I will be (hopefully) writing info and news on the latest technology and development I encounter and learn during my busy daily development job. I hope you would like my content. Oliver