How do I work as a freelance web developer?

What you are about to read is more or less part of my every day job in Web Development, located in the small Island of Malta. For international readers, Malta may be found here.


Being a part-time freelancer is an interesting job, but not as easy as it seems. After doing this for over 12 years, I came up with strategies that best suites my schedule and needs, making sure clients are always happy and quality over-the-top. What helped me msot in this regards is my full time job as a Software Development Manager. This job is with a company named FTIAS , a back office service provider for the FTI Group in Germany. With this company I learned a lot of how to plan, manage, communicate and give the ultimate customer service to my clients. Freelancing is not much different when it comes to the technical aspect, but when working on your own you have to take care of everything by yourself, from concept to completion. Being an avid work-life balance promoter, I do have some musical projects to keep up with too, and since 2015 I’ve been actively playing and touring with the black metal band MartYriuM.


In 2002, when I was still in my development infancy, I realized that there is a huge demand for web sites and for general process automation. I stopped studying Electronics Engineering and immediately focused on Web Development, since I love it more and enjoy putting up web sites for small to large enterprises.


My strategy always worked around putting the clients first, no overcharging, fair and highly competitive quotes, and prompt email replies. I never charge/d for small changes, and also love to over deliver whenever it’s possible.

During development, I enjoy keeping in touch with my clients in order to make sure the client is happy with the progress, and fix whatever the client is unhappy about. Also, I do not charge on time spent, nor do I have an hourly rate. My costs are always aimed towards the client’s benefit and is always a mutual agreement between the client and myself.

Training, Assistance and After Sales Service

This is were I put my utmost effort, and I feel that I’m ahead of my competitors tenfold. Training is always done Free of Charge, and as said above, most of the time assistance is also done Free. Major updates related to tech updates (such as updates in browsers or operating systems) comes at very cheap prices, always after a mutual agreement with the client.


All prices are not inclusive of VAT since I am VAT Exempt according to the LN524 VAT Act of 2010.

My VAT Number is 2263-9315